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For over 160 years, Laxey Glen Mills has supplied the Isle of Man with the highest quality, additive free flour.

We are passionate about the locality of our flour
& about the locals who produce it. 


With all milling wheat grown on the island by Manx farmers, within 12 miles of the mill.

Wheat Field

Our Story

It’s never more than 12 miles from where our farmers grow the wheat to the mill where we turn it into 100% pure Laxey Flour.


Of course, nowhere is very far away on the Isle of Man. That’s the beauty of small. All our wheat is home grown on the Northern Plains where the soil is rich and fertile and because everything is so local, it means in next to no time the wheat can be harvested, then milled and bagged.

Without ever having to touch a single additive - so that Manx bakers and bread makers can achieve superior results.


It’s the way we’ve been milling our range of 100% pure wheat premium flours since Captain Richard Rowe first opened his mill here in 1860.


It’s the way we plan to continue.

Image by Duncan Kidd

Locally grown

All the wheat we use is grown by local farmers within 12 miles of our mill.
Local flour, made by local people.

The highest quality grains

After 160 years in the business, we know our stuff. Especially how to select the best grains in order to make the best flour.

Always affordable

Proud of what we do, we want to share it. Our flour is available at most retail outlets where you shop on the island as well as directly from our mill.



Where to find us

Image by Kari Shea
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