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Our Story

Our story

In 1860, with the Isle of Man basking in the glory of building the largest water-wheel in the world, calls to build a mill powered by the Laxey river were answered by the creation of Laxey Glen Mills. Run by the Corlett family for generations, the mill has survived three huge fires, two world wars and frequent threat of closure. 

But this industrious little gem has stood the test of time and 160 years later, we are still producing the highest quality flour, from only select wheat, grown entirely on our little gem of an Island, milled by our small, highly skilled team of artisan millers.

Here on the Island, besides our range of flours that need raising agents in them, everything that comes out of the Laxey Glen Mill and sold locally is entirely additive free - just pure wheat flour. This means that you know exactly what is going into the food you are making.

Laxey flour travels a fraction of the food miles clocked up by imports and we're proud of our low carbon footprint. Local through and through, we're good for the planet and good for our people.

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Apart from raising agents to enhance our self-raising and soda bread flour, all Laxey Glen Mill's flours are completely free from the additives.

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Skilled millers

No one knows more about producing the finest quality flour than our small, skilled team of artisan millers, builing upon 160 years of knowledge.


Low food miles

Laxey flour has travelled a fraction of the distance of imported flours, keeping our carbon footprint as low as is possible.

Meet our small
& mighty team

Peter, Colin & Frank
Our Expert Millers

Our Millers are the absolute heart of all we do.


Along with Mill Manager Jason - Pete, Colin and Frank have combined work experience of 80 years at Laxey Glen Mills. We are almost embarrassingly smug about this and so grateful for their expertise.


Peter is Manx born and bred, Frank swapped one island for another as he made the (savvy) move from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Man a few moons ago and Colin hails from Wigan. Part of their collective passion for the Mill comes from their previous lives as bakers (55 years experience all in) and Colin, Frank and Jason met each other working as bakers on the island. No one knows flour better, you could say they swapped from using it to producing it.

Jason Duke
Mill Manager

Jason works right in the centre of the Mill and is involved in almost every part of it.


He also had a past life as a baker before moving to Laxey Glen Mills and crossed paths with our other millers. He stepped up to the plate of Mill Manager 6 years ago and holds the fort like no one else could.


Combining his deep knowledge as a miller and baker with brilliant team leadership and operational nous, the Mill simply couldn’t run without him.


Growing up on the Isle of Man, he also intimately knows the farms that our flour is sourced from as well as the people who grow it.

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Lisa Corkill
Finance Supervisor & Administration Manager

The Mill’s ‘newest’ recruit, she’s only been with us since 2008. We’re not kidding when we say that Laxey Glen feels like family.


Lisa is a doer. Most of her knowledge has come from experience having been in an office environment for over 30 years. Accounts became her passion after taking on a short-term temping roll which extended to a year. When the vacancy at the Mill arose, being only a short distance from the mill in Baldrine with her family and previously raised in Laxey most of her life she jumped at the opportunity. 

Beginning as General Office Administrator and progressing to Finance Supervisor, for the last 6 years she’s also taken on the role of Company Secretary. No mean feat.  "I consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be working alongside such a great team", she says.

Amanda Bindon
Chair of Laxey Glen Mills

Amanda grew up on the Isle of Man. She spent most of her professional career in food marketing – starting with Esso Convenience Stores, then Jacobs Biscuits, before moving to Pizza Hut where she was responsible (amongst other things) for all their celebrity TV campaigns. She moved on to set up the Marketing department for Waitrose, overseeing its expansion north, doubling in size, and TV launch as well as redefining the brand positioning - which is still in use today. Amanda joined the board of Laxey Glen Mills in 2019 and became Chairwoman in 2022, bringing a wealth of strategic direction and insight.  

Amanda is a professional working mother of a blended, mixed-race family of 5. A keen cook and passionate about food, she is especially concerned with locally sourced products and supporting the people who produce them. Always excited to keep learning, she has recently started growing barley on her home farm.  

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Shane Barks
Non-Executive Director

Shane spends a lot of time doing what most Directors do: scrutinising things, delivering training and frowning at a computer screen. He has worked in audits and accountancy for 20 years, with a strong background in compliance and now focuses on governance and risk in the public sector. 


What drew him to the Mill is the challenge of making the business sustainable in the future. He says that “This is such an exciting time for the Mill. The opportunity of being part of a business that has been a mainstay in the community in which both me and my family originate was too good to pass up on!


He has a young family with whom he loves to travel and though he struggles to make toast (his own words), he’s a big fan of baked goods, with pancakes a strong favourite. Check out our recipe in his honour here.

Image by Tetiana Padurets


We are proud to have been awarded Great Taste awards (The Oscar’s of the food world) since 2016. Most recently, our Manx Malted, Stone-ground Wholemeal and Soda Bread flours were were awarded with 2 stars in 2020.


We are a member of the UK Flour Millers and SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) accredited, assuring we offer the best products available. 


We are also a partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

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