Due to popular demand we have included a recipe on the side of each retail bag. This includes the infamous "Bonnag" recipe on the soda flour bag. Unfortunately due to poor sales of some of our retail flours we have had to make the difficult decision to stop producing them in 1.5kg bags. Most of our products are still available in larger sacks so please feel free to contact the mill or ask us on Facebook. The flours we have stopped producing altogether are; Coarse pioneer, Sunrise wholemeal & Flavo wholemeal. Our full range of retail 1.5kg bags are; for bread-making - King, Queen, Wholemeal, Manx Pioneer, Stone-ground wholemeal, Manx Granary, Mixed seed flour & Soda bread flour House-hold flours; Flavo & Sunrise Other flours still available but only in larger bags; Sun-dried tomato flour, Pizza flour & Semolina.